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Advocating for Patient Eye Health and the Importance of Comprehensive Eye Exams at AOA's Health Care Payer Advocacy Conference

Vision issues can impact patients at all ages and stages in life – which is why I was excited to share Johnson & Johnson Vision’s perspective on how maximizing patient eye health is a critical piece of maintaining a patient’s overall health recently at the American Optometric Association’s (AOA) Health Care Payer Advocacy Conference. 

As eye health professionals, you know that in a comprehensive eye exam, an eye care professional looks at the overall health of the eyes, checking for ocular disorders and ocular manifestations of systemic diseases. Specifically, as reported in a recent collaborative study by AOA and Johnson & Johnson Vision, doctors of optometry can make important new contributions to promoting diabetes health and assist in creating shared value across the health care continuum of every patient.

Our advocacy efforts are grounded in promoting overall eye health and vision safety, which is why we continue our efforts to preserve a strong doctor-patient relationship. If we maximize patient eye health, we can help maximize their overall health.      

Mike Mayers, AOA Health Care Payer Conference


Johnson & Johnson Vision will continue to make positive strides and work alongside groups like the AOA to advocate for patient eye health.

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