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The Power of You: Taking a Stand Through Advocacy

I am inspired every day by the work that the eye care profession does on behalf of patients’ eye health and vision safety—from one-on-one conversations with patients about the importance of the proper care and cleaning of their lenses to writing, calling, and visiting your representatives in your states and on Capitol Hill.

The article "Taking a stand through advocacy" was included in the March edition of Contact Lens SpectrumSo when Contact Lens Spectrum asked me to author a piece on legislative advocacy, I could think of no better focus for the article than you.  

As I drafted the article, I reflected on our work together in states like Utah and Indiana, I looked at the efforts of our partners in the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety to advocate in Washington, D.C., and I’ve talked with fellow vision care advocates, Dr. Annette Hanian and Dr. David Cockrell, about their experiences with advocacy throughout their careers.  

And today, that piece, “Taking a Stand Through Advocacy,” is now available in Contact Lens Spectrum’s March 2017 edition

I invite you to read the article, share it with your colleagues, and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your continued commitment to eye health and for finding a way to contribute to the advocacy efforts that keep patients safe as we continually navigate a sea of change.

What you do is important—and all of us across the vision care landscape are better for it.