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Update from our Nation’s Capital: Preserving a High and Consistent Standard of Care in the Evolving Eye Health Marketplace

It’s never been more important to talk about a high and consistent standard of patient care. 

In my role with Johnson & Johnson Vision, I’m often asked to speak about the future of vision care on topics ranging from our innovative technologies to how we’re going to improve care for the patients of tomorrow. 

Today, as I sat alongside colleagues from the American Optometric Association, lawmakers and staff, members of the media, and other key stakeholders at the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety's roundtable event on telehealth—I was reminded once again about just how quickly our eye health landscape is changing.

Health has rapidly evolved over the last few years and what once seemed like a distant notion is now an option available to many patients on their phones and tablets.

As we embrace progress and invest in connecting new patients with eye doctors across the country, we always have this in mind: 

We believe that all patients, including contact lens patients deserve eye care consistent with the high standard of care received in providers’ offices—regardless of where or how they receive it.

And that’s what I shared today.

I shared that for Johnson & Johnson Vision to bring forth new technologies, we have to feel confident that they will be used safely and appropriately under the supervision of an eye doctor. That’s why we underscore the importance of eye health in all we do. If we get that right, leading the industry in the latest technologies will follow.

Peter Menziuso, President, North America, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
Photo Credit: Kris Tripplaar for The Hill 

Conversations like today’s matter—so let’s keep talking.

Johnson & Johnson Vision will continue to work alongside groups like the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety to advocate for patient eye health. To stay up-to-date on our latest advocacy efforts and keep an eye on the issues, I invite you to visit us at and like our Vision to Action Facebook page.