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Your Voices Were Heard Today at FTC

Drs. Brian Schwam and Carol Alexander from Johnson & Johnson Vision met with FTC Acting Chair Maureen Ohlhausen as part of the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety to discuss the FTC's Contact Lens Rule. 

Johnson & Johnson Vision joined our partners in the Coalition for Patient Vision Safety, including the American Optometric Association (AOA), for a meeting today with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Acting Acting Chairman, Maureen Ohlhausen to discuss FTC’s proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule. Thanks to the Coalition’s desire to have an ophthalmologist attend and the invitation by the AOA, Dr. Brian Schwam, M.D., from Johnson & Johnson Vision joined Dr. Carol Alexander, O.D., to provide both ophthalmological and optometric perspectives to the conversation. 

Just a few months ago, FTC received nearly 2,500 comments on its proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule—predominantly from eye care providers offering their thoughtful, personalized stories about the impact of some of the proposed changes. 

We were proud to bring your voices to the conversation with Acting Chairman Ohlhausen—and reiterate our support for policies that prioritize patients’ eye health and vision safety in any decisions around consumer choice and contact lenses.  

During a time of transition for the FTC—and as we await news of plans to finalize its proposed changes—our discussion with Acting Chairman Ohlhausen was an opportunity for the vision care community to continue to work with FTC on steps forward, and raise some of our concerns with proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule.  

The Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety reiterated its support for:

  • Modernizing communication between prescribers and sellers. We believe that common-sense solutions, including allowing prescribers to select their preferred communication method will help ensure that the prescription verification process works as intended for patients, eye care professionals, and sellers.
  • Taking an equitable approach to improving access, choice, and patient safety.Based on current evidence, it doesn’t make sense to impose new requirements, such as the FTC’s proposal that patients sign an acknowledgement form, on just one stakeholder in our vision care marketplace. We believe that all of us—manufacturers, prescribers, and sellers—have a shared responsibility to promote access and choice alongside patient eye health and vision safety.

Johnson & Johnson Vision and the entire Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety thank Acting Chairman Ohlhausen for the opportunity to continue the conversation about patient eye health and vision safety in the new Administration. Together, we are working to ensure that our federal policies take a balanced approach to patient eye health and safety and choice and competition in the marketplace. 

We will continue to provide updates on the Contact Lens Rule review process and, as always, we thank you for your commitment to your patients. 

The Johnson & Johnson Vision Advocacy Team