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Advocacy Updates

As the manufacturer of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, Johnson & Johnson Vision, along with our partners in the Coalition for Vision Care Safety, are dedicated to promoting patient eye health and vision safety in the states and at the federal level. Members of J&J Vision’s leadership offer state, federal and regulatory updates, as well as their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing eye care providers across the country. Read our recent updates below.

New legislation introduced to address missed opportunity in recently-finalized Contact Lens Rule

17 September 2020
Dear Eye Health Advocates, We’re writing with some exciting news. On Thursday, September 17, Senator John Boozman (R-Ark.), the only optometrist serving in the U.S. Senate, introduced legislation to address missed opportunities by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to modernize the contact lens prescription verification process and reduce paperwork burdens for eye care professionals in the recently-finalized Contact Lens Rule.

It’s Finally Here -- The Year of ‘20/20’ Vision: We’ve Set Our Sights on What Matters Most

09 March 2020
  2020 represents a crucial moment for Johnson & Johnson Vision and the eye health industry to put the issues that matter most to eye care professionals and patients into focus on the national agenda. Now the role optometrists play within the patient-doctor relationship is more important than ever due changing patient expectations, accelerated innovations in technology, and the rise of vision disorders such as myopia.

A driving force in advocacy and innovation

12 March 2019
At Johnson & Johnson Vision, we are proud to support continued research and development of innovative technologies aimed at tackling challenging vision conditions.

Advocating for Patient Eye Health and the Importance of Comprehensive Eye Exams at AOA's Health Care Payer Advocacy Conference

05 November 2018
Vision issues can impact patients at all ages and stages in life – which is why I was excited to share Johnson & Johnson Vision’s perspective on how maximizing patient eye health is a critical piece of maintaining a patient’s overall health recently at the American Optometric Association’s (AOA) Health Care Payer Advocacy Conference. 

Update from our Nation’s Capital: Preserving a High and Consistent Standard of Care in the Evolving Eye Health Marketplace

27 September 2018
It’s never been more important to talk about a high and consistent standard of patient care.  In my role with Johnson & Johnson Vision, I’m often asked to speak about the future of vision care on topics ranging from our innovative technologies to how we’re going to improve care for the patients of tomorrow. 

Advocating for patients—both in and out of the exam room

21 August 2018
Dear Colleagues, As Contact Lens Health Week begins, I've been reflecting on the pleasures and privileges of being an optometrist.

Optometry Is a Legislated Profession, and Hearing from You Makes the Difference

27 June 2018
Dear Eye Doctors, At this year’s Optometry’s Meeting, I hope you saw and heard – as I did – how eye health advocacy was front and center. From our opening ceremony presentation to the Johnson & Johnson Vision booth, and the conversations we shared throughout the meeting, you told us what motivates you to stand up for your patients and your colleagues.

Thank You for Your Contribution

20 April 2018
To the hundreds of eye care professionals who submitted comments to the FTC—thank you. The Federal Trade Commission’s comment period on proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule following the March public workshop in Washington, D.C. closed on April 6. 

Breaking News: Johnson & Johnson Vision Joins the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety

21 February 2018
Launched today, Johnson & Johnson Vision joins the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety as a Leadershi

Partnerships and Progress in 2018: Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Commitment to You

06 February 2018
Dear Eye Care Professionals, As we look ahead to an ever-evolving contact lens marketplace, Johnson & Johnson Vision anticipates another great year of partnerships and progress—embracing new opportunities to promote patient eye health and safety, and expanding our commitment to innovate for better vision correction and beyond.

Advocacy Academy is Expanding!

14 September 2017
As our lawmakers return to Capitol Hill and Congress is back in session for the fall, J ohnson & Johnson Vision is excited to announce our latest on-demand resource in the Advocacy Academy — Identifying the Issues: Key Vision Care Issues in 2017. 

Spotlight on Summer Safety

08 August 2017
As we take time to unwind and beat the heat in the summer, we often head to the water. Relaxing in the pool or at the beach is a staple of the summer months, but for contact lens wearers, it can put their eye health and safety at risk without the right precautions. As eye care professionals, you know that patients are likely to engage in at least one risky contact lens behavior—and swimming in their lenses is no exception.

Putting Our Patients First: Highlights from AOA

27 June 2017
Thank you for the opportunity to join so many of you last week in Washington, D.C., at Optometry’s Meeting. The Johnson & Johnson Vision team was excited to be on the ground to engage with eye care professionals from across the country during this inspiring week for our community—and we thank our partner, the American Optometric Association (AOA) for having us and for its dedication to patients and the profession. 

Exciting Updates on the Road to AOA

19 June 2017
It’s been a busy spring, and as I reflect on the many efforts of vision care advocates to make your voices heard on behalf of your patients and the profession, I am inspired by the momentum you’ve built and energized for the important work that lies ahead. Johnson & Johnson Vision and the ACUVUE® Brand look forward to building on that momentum by making it easier than ever to become even stronger vision care advocates, and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil the next generation of advocacy tools to the vision care community. 

Your Voices Were Heard Today at FTC

24 May 2017
Johnson & Johnson Vision joined our partners in the Coalition for Patient Vision Safety, including the American Optometric Association (AOA), for a meeting today with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Acting Acting Chairman, Maureen Ohlhausen to discuss FTC’s proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule.

From Washington, DC, to Jacksonville: Sharing the Value of Vision Care with Lawmakers

25 April 2017
Johnson & Johnson Vision (JJV) and the ACUVUE® Brand, alongside our partners in vision care advocacy, are continuing our work this year to ensure that as our lawmakers in Congress consider proposals that may impact contact lens patient eye health and vision safety, they are well-informed about the vision care issues of today. 

Eyes on Washington

11 April 2017
Today, the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill about critical issues impacting today’s eye care community. Keeping policymakers and their staff members up-to-date about issues facing the industry helps them make educated decisions; and on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision and the ACUVUE® Brand, I was pleased to share our perspective on how valuable the relationship between doctor and patient is in protecting eye health when wearing contact lenses.

Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going in 2017

23 March 2017
In December, I shared with you my vision for 2017: to work together—as we have so many times before—to address new challenges and create more opportunities for patient eye health and safety advocates to make their voices heard. 

The Power of You: Taking a Stand Through Advocacy

01 March 2017
I am inspired every day by the work that the eye care profession does on behalf of patients’ eye health and vision safety—from one-on-one conversations with patients about the importance of the proper care and cleaning of their lenses to writing, calling, and visiting your representatives in your states and on Capitol Hill.

The Power of the Patient Voice: Promoting Comprehensive Eye Care in the States

16 February 2017
We’re only weeks into most states’ legislative calendars, and we are already seeing the impact of patients, eye care providers, and manufacturers raising their voices on behalf of eye health and vision safety. Indiana state...

Thank you for making your voice heard.

31 January 2017
It’s official. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) brief comment period on its proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule closed on January 30, 2017. Thank you to the hundreds of eye care professionals who shared their valuable insight on the impact of the FTC’s proposed changes on vision care practices and patients.

Vision Care in 2017: A New Year and a Bright Future

10 January 2017
In 2016, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., (JJVCI) worked alongside countless vision care advocates to deliver on our commitment to help people see better, connect better, and live better by promoting patient eye health, vision safety, and choice in the marketplace. 

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