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Contact Lenses and the Law

Advocating to End Robocalls

We supported legislation to eliminate robocalls in response to the FTC’s proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule

In May 2019, FTC recognized through its proposed updates to the Contact Lens Rule some of the key problems with robocalls and the misuse of the prescription verification process, which can contribute to substitution of a non-prescribed brand or manufacturer of lenses. However, FTC ultimately did not propose to close the prescription verification “loophole” by eliminating robocalls.

That’s why Johnson & Johnson Vision supported the introduction of the Contact Lens Prescription Verification Modernization Act in the House of Representatives. This bill would eliminate robocalls as a permissible form of verification for sellers, freeing up eye care professionals’ phone lines and promoting a better “paper trail” for verification to encourage a more error-free prescription fulfillment process – all for the health and safety of patients.