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It’s Finally Here -- The Year of ‘20/20’ Vision: We’ve Set Our Sights on What Matters Most


2020 represents a crucial moment for Johnson & Johnson Vision and the eye health industry to put the issues that matter most to eye care professionals and patients into focus on the national agenda. Now the role optometrists play within the patient-doctor relationship is more important than ever due changing patient expectations, accelerated innovations in technology, and the rise of vision disorders such as myopia.

Evolving Patient Expectations

With rising health care costs, patients today are expecting more control, greater convenience and easier access to their health care. They want simple ways to engage with their providers through virtual care, two-way communication between visits, and improved appointment scheduling.

Innovating Care

Innovation inspires us to pursue technologies that improve patient outcomes. While these novel ideas are in pursuit of providing better patient experiences and outcomes, it pushes us to continue to emphasize keeping the patient-doctor relationship at the center of care.

Beyond Vision

Vision is just one part of overall eye health. That is why it is important to remind Americans that clear 20/20 vision does not necessarily equate to healthy eyes. Through comprehensive eye exams, doctors can detect early warning signs of both vision-threatening ocular conditions and more than 270 systemic conditions. That’s why we will continue our commitment to advocate at the state and federal levels on behalf of policies that promote the importance of the patient-doctor relationship, regular comprehensive eye exams, and honor the prescription as written.

Our Partners

At Johnson & Johnson Vision, we have partnered with organizations such as Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety and Think About Your Eyes to remind lawmakers, policymakers and Americans of the important care doctors of optometry deliver, and encourage more people to get their comprehensive eye exam. 

We’ve also partnered with the American Optometric Association and signed their #2020EyeExam employer pledge, encouraging all our employees to get an in-person comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor.  In support of this initiative, we have launched an internal campaign titled Prioritize Your Eyes to heighten awareness of the #2020EyeExam employer pledge.

Looking Ahead

2020 is the ‘Year of 20/20 Vision’ making it the opportune time to focus on the issues that matter most to patients and doctors and amplify the importance of eye health as new trends and transformative technologies emerge. 

I look forward to working together collectively to make this the best year yet. 

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Mike Mayers, O.D., FAAO
Director, U.S. Advocacy
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.