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Carol L. Alexander

Spotlight on Summer Safety

As we take time to unwind and beat the heat in the summer, we often head to the water. Relaxing in the pool or at the beach is a staple of the summer months, but for contact lens wearers, it can put their eye health and safety at risk without the right precautions.

As eye care professionals, you know that patients are likely to engage in at least one risky contact lens behavior—and swimming in their lenses is no exception.

Eyes on Washington

Today, the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill about critical issues impacting today’s eye care community. Keeping policymakers and their staff members up-to-date about issues facing the industry helps them make educated decisions; and on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision and the ACUVUE® Brand, I was pleased to share our perspective on how valuable the relationship between doctor and patient is in protecting eye health when wearing contact lenses.

The Power of You: Taking a Stand Through Advocacy

I am inspired every day by the work that the eye care profession does on behalf of patients’ eye health and vision safety—from one-on-one conversations with patients about the importance of the proper care and cleaning of their lenses to writing, calling, and visiting your representatives in your states and on Capitol Hill.

The Power of the Patient Voice: Promoting Comprehensive Eye Care in the States

We’re only weeks into most states’ legislative calendars, and we are already seeing the impact of patients, eye care providers, and manufacturers raising their voices on behalf of eye health and vision safety. Indiana state...