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Spotlight on Summer Safety

As we take time to unwind and beat the heat in the summer, we often head to the water. Relaxing in the pool or at the beach is a staple of the summer months, but for contact lens wearers, it can put their eye health and safety at risk without the right precautions.

As eye care professionals, you know that patients are likely to engage in at least one risky contact lens behavior—and swimming in their lenses is no exception.

Swimming in contact lenses can cause serious bacterial infections or other eye complications, but over 60% of contact lens wearers reportedly swim in their lenses.


At Johnson & Johnson Vision and the ACUVUE® Brand, we support routine visits to the eye doctor to keep patients informed about best practices to maintain healthy contact lens habits—like leaving their lenses behind when they take a dip this summer.

You understand the value of communicating with your patients to promote their contact lens health and safety. You do it every day.

Now, Johnson & Johnson Vision is working to make it as easy as possible for you to have these important conversations with your lawmakers too—because their decisions, whether in the states or in Washington, DC, can impact patients.

We invite you to explore Vision to Action—our updated advocacy website featuring helpful resources and up-to-the-minute alerts on activity in the states and at the federal level— as well as our unique advocacy learning tool Advocacy Academy.

If you’re on the go this summer, these offerings are easily accessible from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You can get caught up all things advocacy right from your chair by the pool—and we’re excited for you to dive in to our latest resources.

As always, I thank you for working to keep your patients safe during the summer months and throughout the year, and look forward to our continued advocacy work ahead.