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Thank you for making your voice heard.

It’s official. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) brief comment period on its proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule closed on January 30, 2017. Thank you to the hundreds of eye care professionals who shared their valuable insight on the impact of the FTC’s proposed changes on vision care practices and patients.

The contributions of vision care advocates and eye care professionals will ensure that the FTC’s decision on these proposals is informed by the perspectives of those who understand patients’ eye health and vision care needs best.

We at Johnson & Johnson Vision, the manufacturer of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, have been proud to advocate for policies that promote patients’ eye health and safety.

And on January 30, 2017, J&J Vision and the ACUVUE® Brand family continued to deliver on that commitment by submitting public comments—both on behalf of J&J Vision and as a member of the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety (Coalition)—on what the FTC’s proposals would mean for today’s contact lens patients. While we shared our support for some of the FTC's proposals, J&J Vision and the Coalition also highlighted important opportunities for collaborative steps forward, including:

  • Modernizing communication between prescribers and sellers: We believe that common-sense solutions, including allowing prescribers to select their preferred communication method and requiring vendors to provide a toll-free telephone number/email address, will help ensure that the prescription verification process works as intended for patients, eye care professionals, and sellers.

  • Taking an equitable approach to improving access, choice, and patient safety: Based on current evidence, it doesn’t make sense to impose new requirements, such as the FTC’s proposal that patients sign an acknowledgement form, on just one stakeholder in our vision care marketplace. We believe that all of us—manufacturers, prescribers, and sellers—have a shared responsibility to promote access and choice alongside patient eye health and vision safety.

I invite you to read the Executive Summary of J&J Vision’s official comment, as well as the full public comments made by J&J Vision and the Coalition. We’ll continue to provide updates on the Contact Lens Rule review process and, as always, I thank you for your commitment to your patients and to making your voice heard on the policies that affect their safe access to contact lenses