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Thank You for Your Contribution

To the hundreds of eye care professionals who submitted comments to the FTC—thank you. The Federal Trade Commission’s comment period on proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule following the March public workshop in Washington, D.C. closed on April 6. 

With your contributions, the FTC’s final decision will be informed by the perspectives of those who focus on and ensure patient safety every day.

As part of our commitment to broader eye health and patient safety, we submitted public comments to the FTC. We also included testimony from the March 7 public workshop in Washington, D.C. from Peter Menziuso and Carol Lakkis, BScOptom, Ph.D. as an addendum to our comments.

Our recommendations for the FTC’s consideration included: 

  • Clarifying the intent of the proposed changes, while upholding brand requirement and non-substitution;
  • Upholding contact lens prescription requirements, enforcing the prohibition on unauthorized alteration of the prescription;
  • Reaffirming a commitment to the one-year contact lens prescription expiration limit, to ensure that patients receive regular eye care and have access to the latest and most appropriate technologies for their needs; and
  • Strengthening the future of the eye health landscape, while keeping patient eye health safety and the crucial patient-doctor relationship intact, maintaining a high and consistent standard of care.

Johnson & Johnson Vision is committed to being your partner in navigating this changing landscape. As we await the FTC’s final decision, we’ll continue to keep you on top of the issues, and ensure that you, your practice and your patients are prepared.