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Vision Care in 2017: A New Year and a Bright Future

In 2016, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., (JJVCI) worked alongside countless vision care advocates to deliver on our commitment to help people see better, connect better, and live better by promoting patient eye health, vision safety, and choice in the marketplace. 

At JJVCI, we know that our ability to innovate and develop transformational ACUVUE® Brand technologies is made possible, in part, because of the important progress we’ve made together, including with other vision care advocates at the American Optometric Association and the Coalition for Patient Vision Care Safety.

I continue to be inspired by the entire vision care community and energized by the opportunities that lie ahead in 2017.

Already, policymakers in states across the country and at the federal level are beginning to consider policies that could change the contact lens industry and, as they do, we stand ready to do what we’ve always done: work to promote patient eye health and vision safety, improve access to quality care and lenses, and encourage choice and competition. 

Think About Your EyesThis year, JJVCI continues its support for programs and resources for eye care professionals, students, and patients. In 2017, we are proud to become a leadership supporter of Think About Your Eyes a proven public awareness campaign to drive more people to seek out comprehensive eye exams from an eye care professional. 

This year also brings renewed possibilities for discovery and with it, the chance to advance our ACUVUE® Brand contact lens technology, address still unmet patient needs through EYE-INSPIRED™ Design, grow the category, and improve vision care.  

Over the next year, I look forward to sharing updates with you—as well as continuing the conversation about your priorities and goals for patient care and the profession in 2017, and how we’ll work together to make those a reality in the coming year.